The Science Behind INVESTimate®

We have created the most complete dataset around the investment performance of a residential property. We also analyze high quality market signals and macroeconomic factors to determine the best investment locations. Investors use our platform to identify the best cities, the best neighborhoods and the best properties in those neighborhoods for investment.

Informed Investing

Information about the city

Our data scientists analyze data and market signals that may not be visible to the wider market to identify high value assets and locations that are emerging. We use our proprietary models that consider market factors like supply and demand as well as price, rent and sales velocity of properties. We couple that with data around growth, employment, availability and market signals that monitor the latest trends in the city.

How we select cities

Pick the right neighborhood

Investing is a hyperlocal activity so picking the right neighborhood is key for investors. That’s why we created the Neighborhood Investment Rating - Just like Bond ratings, trade off risk vs returns and yield vs appreciation. NIR allows investors to pick neighborhoods that fit their financial preferences

Pick the right neighborhood

Pick the right property

We help pick the right property by determining its investment potential using our proprietary Big Data models, institutional-quality research and on-the-ground experts with deep insight on local real estate market conditions.

Pick the right property

Data Driven Local Intelligence

Real estate investing can be exciting and profitable, and knowing how to properly select neighborhoods that offer a safe mix of risk versus reward can be difficult. Using the power of data science and analytics, our team here at INVESTimate® looks at numerous data points to determine which areas will present the highest returns on investment.

We start by looking at large scale metro areas across the U.S. and then qualifying them down to specific neighborhoods. From this level we then have a set of select criteria that we use to help us choose which investments will be the most profitable in the area.

Data driven local intelligence

By starting with properly analyzed data and applying the criteria listed above, we present your customers with pre-vetted properties that are tailored for their financial goals.

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