INVESTimate® for Real Estate Agents

A powerful way to capture new real estate investors and get more from your current clients. A stock market like investment platform to buy and sell rental properties. With full lead qualifcation services to deliver ready clients.

Get more from your marketing dollars

There are rental property investors in your homeowner client and lead base. We can get more out of them and stretch the money that you have already spend to acquire them. Our targeted campaigns and qualification services increase conversion rates and delivers ready clients for you to close.

Current Spend on Cross Sell Investment Properties
Step 1

Put INVESTimate® on your website

We integrate with your current website and open up a new world of rental investments for your existing clients or new leads. They no longer need to search on home buying sites for investment properties.

Put INVESTimate® on your website
Step 2

Get more from your marketing dollars

Your Rental Property Owner clients expose their properties to a nationwide investor network by listing their properties on INVESTimate®. You no longer need to go through the long and arduous process of moving the tenant out and then selling to a homeowner. The property can be sold as a rental property investment to another investor on INVESTimate®. Rental Property Investors prefer a performing asset over one that has to be made ready.

Get listings from Rental Property Owners
Step 3

Market rented properties to the nationwide investor network on INVESTimate®

Existing property owners and new investors buy more when they see properties that they like. We send out the rented property to investors nationwide who are on the INVESTimate® platform. We qualify the investor for funds, timing and identify their interest in the property before transferring the lead to you. You get a fully baked opportunity to sell the rental property and keep the property management.

Market rented properties to the nationwide investor network on INVESTimate®
Step 4

Sell the rental property

Close qualified opportunities, earn sales commissions and manage the property.

Investors search results based on budget, risk & return preferences

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