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INVESTimate® PRO for Bulk Buyers

INVESTimate® PRO is for investors that are deploying larger sums to build bulk portfolios. It allows investors to apply their custom buy boxes into their searches across multiple locations for pinpointed mass acquisition.

What INVESTimate® Investors are Saying

Experience Matters

[O]utstanding leadership team who possess the right attributes - integrity, openness, customer focus, commitment to excellence, focus on continuous improvement, and inspiring their managers and staff to foster these key attributes. The ability to treat real estate similar to acquiring other asset classes has helped me to diversify my investment portfolio and IRA. Cash flows are steady and predictable.

Ken Weiner
Real Estate Investor

They have much better market analysis than I could ever have discovered.....Plus the math is done for you and shows your cash flow percentages with any maintenance and management cost factored in. The work is literally done for you.

Real Estate Investor

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